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Bugzilla is an open source bug tracking system.

We use Bugzilla to track bugs, issues, feature requests and regressions for Stoq.

Report a new bug

When you open a new bug there are several important things you should consider. Do a quick search of existing bug and see if it's already reported.


You need to include the following information:

  • how to reproduce the bug
  • version or svn revision where it happens.
  • complete traceback of the issue.


If you're reporting an issue which used to work, mention the exact version you are using (release or svn version) and the exact version where it used to work, this is very important to be able to track down when it broke.

Try to find the exact revision when it broke, by carefully checking each revision

Requesting review

Under normal circumstances, to be able to commit a patch to Stoq you need to have the code reviewed.

To submit your work for review, follow the steps

  • Go to the bug which you have been assigned to, or open up a new bug describing your work
  • Create a patch of your current work.
  • Attach the patch to the bug:
    • The content type should be a patch, check the patch radiobutton.
    • Request a review by setting review to ? and enter a mail address (@async.com.br can be omitted)


So you received a positive review of your work you can check in the code.

When you close the bug, make sure to mention the version you committed the code, normally just copy/paste the output of svn commit and put it as a comment in the bug.

After you committed the code, watch Buildbot to make sure that you don't break the tests.